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Service & Maintenance

Hobrand B.V. provides essential maintenance and service for your fire Fighting, rescue and safety materials. Your certificates will be stored and monitored in our system to give you an early heads up prior to your next inspection. Our Service and Maintenance department will be at your service for inspections, maintanance, testing, installations or solving a problem.

  • The approval and inspection of all fire equipment, both on fire vehicles as in the fire stations.
  • The maintenance of breathing air compressors.
  • The inspection of lifejackets and immersion suits.
  • The inspection of portable and stationary gasdetection.
  • The inspection and testing of fire protection systems and personal protective equipment on board your ship and also the filling and pressing of cylinders.
  • Testing of breathing air cylinders, respiratory protection, measuring equipment, climbing gear, fall protection, rescue items, clothing, chemical protection suits and heat resistant clothing.
  • Testing foam concentrate analysis (s) for Low and Hi-Ex foam types, as well as the small scale fire test and / or a produced foam test.
The Examination cosists among others out of the following activities:
  • Registration of product serial numbers
  • Placing inspection stickers
  • Repairs and / or replacements
  • Registrating the inspection in Hobrand Algebra Management Software System
  • Delivering a written certificate of inspection maintenance
  • We offer the ability to inspect your safety and fire fighting equipment and repair it on site or in our warehouse.



Before we proceed with maintenance, testing or repairs, an inspection is the first step to assess the quality of the material. An inspection of your safety material provides a clear insight into the condition and what is needed to guarantee the safety of your material.
We offer the possibility to have your fire and safety equipment inspected in our warehouse or on location. Our special Hobrand Service bus has been fully developed to inspect lifting equipment, fall protection, life jackets, water-carrying fixtures, first aid, training materials and other firefighting materials on site. As a result, fire fighting vehicles do not have to be taken out of service!


Fire brigade materials are used intensively. To keep the materials in optimum condition it is necessary to maintain your material. The inspectors of Hobrand have years of experience and offer a total unburdening of the maintenance of your material. This is possible in our warehouse or at your location. Timely maintenance prevents malfunctions and brings any defects to the attention.


Your material must provide the expected performance at all times. Our inspectors test according to the applicable standards with the required equipment. The results of the tests are handed over to you via a certificate.


If a product needs repair, please contact via info@hobrand.nl or call us during office hours on +31 (0)344-663 344.


We offer a warranty on various Serivce & Maintenance work. The warranty depends on the situation and will be consulted with the customer.

24 Hour Service

For technical difficulties and sales outside working hours you can reach us by phone at +31(0)344-760 290. (local rate).

ISO & EKH certification

Hobrand Algebra is ISO certified and recognized Hoisting and Lifting Equipment Company (EKH).

DNV GL Class Approval, ISO, VCA and EKH certified

We are DNV GL certified service supplier, ISO certified, VCA certified and recognized Hoisting and Lifting Equipment company (EKH).