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Holugt Sauer Compressors

Holugt Sauer is the compressors division of Hobrand B.V. and specialized in sales and maintenance of Coltri and Sauer compressed air compressors. Since 1979, Holugt Sauer has been the agent of Sauer Compressors for the Netherlands and Belgium. Holugt Sauer also supplies CNG compressors in the range. Holugt Sauer supplies to shipyards, marine, industry, shipping companies, fire brigades, paintball companies, electricity companies and divers.
In addition to delivery and maintenance, Holugt Sauer can also install a complete Holugt breathing air workshop in accordance with PED, both stationary and container units.

Coltri compressors

Holugt Sauer is the supplier of Coltri compressed air compressors (diving compressors) from 80 liters / minute up to and including 600 liters / minute. In the program, Holugt Sauer offers both portable models and stationary filling stations. The Coltri compressors are standard equipped with the required filters and meet the CE requirements and the NEN 12021 standard. You can also contact Holugt Sauer for accessories, such as accessories.

Sauer compressors

Since 1979 Holugt Sauer has been the representative of Sauer compressors up to 500 bar in Germany. We also represent the 100% Sauer daughter Girodin-Sauer from France. We deliver to shipyards, marine, offshore, shipping companies, industry, army and electricity companies.

For more information, products and services of Holugt Sauer please take a look at www.holugt-sauer.com.