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Fire Fighting

Since 1983 Hobrand Algebra is as a supplier of products focused on disasters and calamities. For our range we make a selection of A-brand fire fighting products that meet the highest standards and are in accordance to BiZa standards. We also provide service and maintenance for your Fire Fighting, Rescue and Safety materials.

Every fire fighting vehicle in the Netherlands must have the standard equipment according to the regulations of Internel Affairs. Hobrand Algebra provides the complete equipment for all fire fighting vehicles.

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Service, Maintenance and Rental

Since 1983 Hobrand Algebra is focused on supplying and taking care of service for brand independent Fire, Rescue and Safety equipment such as: Gas detection, Breathing Protection, Fire Fighting, ATEX approved appliances, Gas freeing fans and general Safety Equipment. On our website you will find our product catalog with over 1.500 safety products. But this is only a small part of our total range of safety equipment for Fire, Marine / Offshore & Industry. In our webshop you can order directly the products.

Besides selling, we also provide installation, service and maintenance and rental of safety equipment. We are located in Tiel (Fire Fighting), in the port of Rotterdam (Marine and Industry) and in Lier, Belgium.

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